Girls Aloud Perform “Love Machine” on The Graham Norton Show


Last night on The Graham Norton Show, the Almighty Aloud–or as Norton rightly referred to them using their proper title, “the best-selling British girl group of the century”–performed their classic single, “Love Machine.”

It was, as we in the industry like to say, quite literally everything.

First of all: The snappy intro!


I’m talkin’ bout a whole lotta snappin’: Sarah‘s enthusiastic snappage alone. Just look at that execution! The posture!

Then: QUEEN NUHDEEN. Obviously, she stole The Show (and my heart) with her flaw-free vocals and diva delivery throughout the performance. Who is worthy? Answer: None. I mean…



And then came the dancer breakdown, and everyone was all dancing and jiving and getting down with the rhythm on another beat until the girls came sashaying back ’cause they feel so free. And then this happened:



Surely this is one of the snappiest performances of their career? It must be. Here a snap, there a snap–and with all the original armography, it felt like we were right back at Wembley on the Chemistry Tour! Go girls, g-g-go, go, go!


Oh, and can we all take a moment to appreciate this Kimbola shimmy? Judging by Chezza‘s smirk, she and Kimberley would have made a #TeamGinge sandwich if the moment lasted just a half second longer. (Also, once again…SARAH.)

After their incredible performance, the girls sat down with Graham and his guests (including Dawn French!) to discuss their 10 year reunion (drinking game: take a shot every time someone says the words “10 years”), Nuhdeen’s accent, encountering that fan outside the club (me in a wig), and going on turr next year. Oh, and as for whether or not they’ve read Cheryl’s book yet?

tumblr_mf2ir3lVLq1qb50lco2_r1_500 (1)

Now please, excuse me while I breathe underwater ’cause I like the way this feels.

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