Beyonce Lied

While Kelly Rowland sat alone inside a White House dressing room steam-drying a House of Dereon gown humming “Kisses Down Low” to herself and Michelle Williams paced in front of an ancient television burping Blue Ivy Carter at a Days Inn just outside Baltimore, President Beyoncé Gisele Knowles performed her rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” to an entire nation of fans, including Michelle and Barack Obama, Kelly Clarkson and Bill Clinton.



Lip-syncing is–apart from murder and buying Twitter followers–one of the most indefensible crimes against humanity. It’s not right, nor is it okay. If you’re going to run your mouth and call yourself a singer, you’re going to perform live. Always and forever. Everybody knows that.


Beyonce is officially a proven liar, Lance Armstrong style–only adding fuel to the already loud rumors that Farrah Franklin was and always will be the true voice of Destiny’s Child, and that Beyonce’s acoustic performance of “Ave Maria” inside a pyramid in Egypt was in fact performed by LeToya Luckett, who was ducking behind a sarcophagus just offscreen at the time.

Beyoncé’s career is over, but that’s fine. Unlike Beyoncé, there are artists out there that are willing to take true risks. And most importantly, they perform live.

Please support actual talent.