Hey, remember when Lady Gaga released that ARTPOP promo single “Do What U Want (feat. R. Kelly)” on Monday? And it was, like, good and catchy, and everyone else thought it was good and catchy too? (Except for the jealous H8RS, obviously.)

Well, Mother Monster noticed too. And in an entirely planned maneuver (LOLOL JK, everything is messy!!!), Gagaloo has decided to briefly put the planned (and still unheard) second single “Venus” on pause to release “Do What U Want” as The Official Second Single from ARTPOP.

From Sister Swine herself:


You see, the don’t-call-it-a-single is behaving like a this-is-a-proper-single, so they’re making it an official single. This is also what’s known as The “Edge of Glory” Effect, when “Edge of Glory” unexpectedly shot to #1 when released as a promo single ahead of Born This Way. (Let’s just hope that there aren’t any, um, “creative differences” with the director of this particular music video.)

“Do What U Want” is a great song, so no complaints here — even though it’s great in an album track sense. As a single? Well, I’m less sure. But it’s already performing well, so whatever! HER ARTPOP COULD MEAN ANYTHING, HELLO.

Remember — she writes for the music, not the charts.


“Do What U Want” was released on October 21. (iTunes)