Madonna, Pop Icon, Is Teasing Something “Iconic” For Her New Album


Happy Easter, Blessed #420 and Merry Pesach, Future Lovers!

Madonna, Queen of Pop And Bathroom Selfies, has evidently been drawing inspiration from the stan-filled comments section of her Instagrams lately (and/or MuuMuse) while recording the highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s MDNA, because things are about to get “iconic.”

After hitting the studio with dark diva Natalia Kills earlier this month, M-Dolla revealed last week that she’s also been crafting tunes with Miley‘s “Wrecking Ball” songwriter Mozella, S1 and Toby Gad (of Selegendary Gomezmerizing’s “A Year Without Rain,” most importantly).

And like a #secretprojectrevolution, the clues to the new music lie in the hashtags and captions.

“Having an Iconic Moment in the studio with Moby, Mozilla and S1,” she wrote last week with a sneak peek inside the recording studio. Sounds like some stan speak, no?

“I Can’t ICON 2 letters apart!” the Kabbalah empress wrote two days later, accompanied by a sassy photo shoot shot with a book. That’s two days of ICONography in a row. Coincidence or nah?

“Ingredients for a good song! #long week #iconic #artforfreedom,” she wrote yesterday. That’s not one, not two, but three mentions of the word “iconic” now. (And some #artforfreedom, of course.) Don’t ever tell her to stop…

“On the hunt ! O.G. Bunny strikes a pose!” she wrote yesterday, dropping in the hashtags #rebelheart, #iconic and #holywater. All the new song titles so far? Sure seems that way…

And of course, stealing the thunder of the comeback of Jesus Christ Himself, there was this final Easter gem: “Today is the Resurrection ! Praise the Lord! #iconic”

ICONIC. I-C-O-N-I-C. A fitting title for the one true Queen.

And while you’re at it Madge, here are some other song title suggestions: “Legendary,” “Free Of All Flaws” and “Yaaaas (feat. Lady Gaga).”

Oh right, and then there was this lil’ extra tidbit: Mert (of legendary photographer duo Mert & Marcus) casually posted a photo of the Queen looking positively Aphrodite-tastic late last night — WEARING THE BRITNEY FRIENDSHIP NECKLACE, NO LESS. “In my room listening to the NEW ALBUM!!!!! Im DYING!!!!!! LET ME LOVE YOU FROM INSIDE OUT,” he exclaimed. Begin freaking out now.


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