Sky Ferreira Fallon

She did it.

Three months after releasing her phenomenal Ghost EP, Sky Ferreira stepped out onto the stage of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to perform her critically acclaimed track (and, for what it’s worth, my personal favorite of 2012): “Everything is Embarrassing.” But this wasn’t just any performance, of course: It was her long, long overdue television debut.

With support by The Roots as her backing band (not a bad way to start out on national television), the brooding indie-pop princess delivered a rock-solid rendition of her Dev Hynes co-produced track, complete with quivering conviction and intense stares aplenty on the smoke-filled stage.

The vocals were on point. The hair was on point. She looked gorgeous. I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a fan. And judging by the outpouring of love via Twitter moments after the performance ended last night, she likely just won herself legions more. Sure, Ferreira might have had a slow, largely tumultuous start over the past few years, but she’s doing it now. She’s really doing it! Our girl’s a bona fide rock star.

Just to be clear, everything remains embarrassing–except for this performance.

Ghost EP was released on October 16. (iTunes)