Kylie Minogue Magic Music Video

Kylie Minogue Still Believes in “Magic”

In the darkest of days, we can always count on Kylie to conjure some ‘Magic.’

“Tomorrow don’t matter, we’ll make the night last forever…”

Kylie Minogue believes in you – and magic, too. Do you, do you, do you?

After coming back into our world (REFERENCE) in July with her gorgeous, wistful dream of being less socially distanced one day soon, “Say Something,” the pop icon returned Thursday (September 24) with the second dose of her upcoming 15th studio album, Disco, due out in November.

The song was co-penned with Kylie by Teemu Brunila (alleged member of the Studio Killers!), Peter Wallevik and Daniel Davidsen – otherwise known as PhD, the Danish production duo who also co-wrote “Get Outta My Way,” “Sexy Love” and “Million Miles” – and Michelle Buzz, who wrote Dagny‘s “Love You Like That,” which went on to be interpolated in Katy Perry‘s “Never Really Over.”

Speaking of: even before the song came out, rumblings from stans in the know suggested that the song was reminiscent of Katy‘s “Chained to the Rhythm” – and that much is true! The chord progression is similar to the Smile chanteuse’s own disco-tinged pop bop, while others have pointed out a touch of Kool & The Gang‘s “Cherish.”

Always one for an intergalactic theme, Kylie blasts into the past for the cute roller rink-ready track, traveling light years (on KM Air, obviously) through the cosmos: “I feel like anything could happen / The stars look different tonight / They’re glowing all around me / It’s flowing through my body / I can feel it, I can feel it,” she declares on the light and breezy tune.

While “Say Something” emotionally (and accidentally) tackled the mood of the moment, “Magic” is all about providing the feel-good escapism and a sweet, nostalgic charm.

The best part, of course, is the falsetto at the end of the sparkling chorus: “Do you believe in magic? Do you, do you, do you?” – a slight nod to The Lovin’ Spoonful‘s “Do You Believe in Magic,” and Olivia Newton-John‘s own “Magic,” too.

“These songs are from the same realm, which is really nice, Kylie explained of “Magic” and “Say Something” just ahead of the song’s release.

“Both were written last year and the lyrics with ‘Say Something’ seemed tailor-made for some of us now. But ‘Magic,’ I just adore that song. I think, especially now, you can’t take anything for granted, so to have a release and be reaching people with music and having that connection with people…I’ve always been a bit cosmic about it because it isn’t tangible, but there’s this connection — even more so now.”

If anyone was going to cast a healing spell of “Magic” to keep us all connected during these darkest of days, it was always going to be our Kylie.

And as for the accompanying music video, well: let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, do you want to take a ride on Kylie’s disco stick?

The Sophie Muller-directed clip, filmed at Fabric nightclub in London, finds our Kylie looking at home on the light-up dance floor, supplying shades of “Get Outta My Way,” and seated on an Aphrodite-style golden throne fit for a goddess, where she rightfully belongs.

Kylie supplies the Disco diva fantasy in a “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”-meets-Cinderella‘s Fairy Godmother hooded moment, wielding an almighty, glowing Disco Stick as the club commander while surrounded by a peppy dance crew clad in bright colors. And, like the “Say Something” video, it’s full of glittery, galactic shimmers.

It’s all very “An Intimate Evening Out With Kylie at G-A-Y,” which…wouldn’t that be a dream – especially these days?

Read the “Magic” lyrics inside…

Disco is being released on November 6, and is available in CD and vinyl formats.

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