It’s time to freak the night again: Nomi Ruiz, the ferocious frontwoman of NYC alt-disco dance troupe Jessica 6, spoke to Galore Magazine for their “Women Who Rock” issue, released this week.

The sexy songstress shared a few teeny details regarding upcoming album from the band–their follow-up to their fantastic 2011 debut See The Light–as well as a few gushy words about her favorite ladies who rock. (Naturally, she’s got impeccable taste in pop queens.)

Check out a teaser of her chat with my boy Alex Catarinella for Galore below, as well as a few stunning shots from her spread, captured by Jacob Dekat.

Let’s talk about Jessica 6 and the jams. How’s the forthcoming album coming along?

Most of the production is done. It’s really vintage-sounding but still modern at the same time. There’s a lot of ‘80s influences and some R&B moments. It’s dance; it’s moody; it’s emotional. I want it to be a tight and concise album. I’m planning on having it out this summer…it’ll be a sexy summer!

Who are some women in music who rock your world?

Well, Janet [Jackson] of course. When I was younger, I wanted to be a choreographer and I would study her videos. I love Sade, of course. And Stevie Nicks — she’s my bitch. She’s really inspired me as a songwriter. I was obsessed with R&B. Remember Mya’s Fear of Flying? Oh my God, and Aaliyah!

The fashion world loves you. Where do you get your shop on?

I love little teenage stores with those little slutty one-pieces. I’m so down with Rainbow but I haven’t been in a while. I go shopping a lot in Sunset Park, where I live. It’s so fun. They have good jeans too — especially if you have a booty.

Nomi RuizIMG_0948EmNomi Ruiz

Photography: Jacob Dekat
Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa

See The Light was released on August 23, 2011. (iTunes)