It’s become quite clear now that BLACKPINK, K-Pop’s great hope for girl groups, are refusing to leave our area any time soon.

This is not a problem.

Following the release of their record-breaking, pink-hued summer smash “As If It’s Your Last,” the girls — they’re Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé and Lisa individually, if you don’t already have each member’s name tattooed on your lower back as I do — made an appearance on SBS’s Party People, a new late night music show launched by JYP CEO, J.Y. Park.

And party hard they did.

By now, we’ve come to expect BLACKPINK to dominate every live stage with body rolls, hair flips and attitude aplenty. But on this particular show, not only did the group deliver a solid live medley of (basically) all their songs released up to their latest single — “Boombayah,” “Whistle” and “Playing With Fire” specifically — the troupe also slowed things down and showed off their English skills with a spot-on cover of Miguel‘s “Sure Thing.”

Their harmonizing has the BLINK community in a tizzy, understandably, but it’s Jennie and Lisa’s rapping at the very end of the song, which they apparently wrote themselves, that has thoroughly annihilated the fanbase.

Oh, and there’s more: the girls got into formation for this little dance cover of a song called “Yoncé,” recorded by a rising artist named Beyoncé.

Yes, ladies.

The dance cover was originally choreographed and released back in early 2014 by the incredibly talented and irresponsibly cute Kyle Hanagami, who has since become a go-to for pop acts, including Girls’ Generation and, of course, BLACKPINK. (He’s also casually working as the supervising choreography for J.Lo‘s All I Have Vegas show and the TV show, World of Dance.)

They’re all so damn good, individually and as a group: singers, dancers, and plenty of personality to boot.

Oh, and “Boombayah” just hit 200 million views — a new record for a Korean pop debut.

Let the BLACKPINK takeover continue.