Ciara Serves Body, Provides Party in “Body Party” (Video Premiere)


Ladies and gentlemen: The princess is here.

Ciara Princess Harris, First Lady of Crunk-R&B, has come twerking back once again with the tight new Director X-filmed video for her Mike WiLL Made It-produced Ciara smash, “Body Party.” (RIP One Woman Armygone, but never forgotten.)

So, come along then: Let us head inside and explore Ciara’s sensual world—a throwback to ’90’s house parties, Atlanta rappers, pool tables, stripteases and sunglasses worn indoors. She reads, bitches!


Kicking off with sultry moment of silhouetted seduction that ought to have Nicki Minaj double-checking her buttpads (they say Ciara got them curves, as noted in “Echo”), the party officially kicks off in a fancy mansion in her hometown: Atlanta! And what would a hometown bash be without some of your local besties? The room’s filled with all our favorite ATL characters—Ludacris, Jazzie Phae, Trinidad James, and a bunch of other rappers I won’t even pretend to know by name! Everyone’s having fun. It’s a party, after all!

But this ain’t no regular party—IT’S A BODY PARTY. Therefore, Ciara takes to the living room with her troupe of slightly intimidating looking ladies and begins to drop, pop and lock it down to the floor in her Brian Lichtenberg “Ballin'” vest, giving us a “Ride” flashback and showing us all just how to truly twerk.


Down, down, down, down to the ground—and so much air humping: Just full on, shameless cowgirl style dick ridin’. I really do love the way she rides it. And her BF, Future? He’s way into it too.

He’s so into it, in fact, that when CiCi goes outside with her friend to try and find Keri Hilson‘s Keri Ferry in the pool, he swoops in and puts the moves on the “Promise” chanteuse. She acts coy, yet confident. She wants it. He knows it. “I see y’all been super turnt up,” he notes. “Oh, so you been watching me?” she sasses. “You’re not hard to miss,” he seduces. “Neither are you,” she purrs right back. ROMANCE. TENSION. EROTICISM.


And before one can even utter the words “Fantasy Ride,” they’re already moving on upstairs to the bedroom for a full on B-O-D-Y P-A-R-T-Y.


Finally, we’re getting down to the dirty: More body, less party, as I always like to say. After sitting Future down in his throne (in a room not unlike Legendtina‘s “Not Myself Tonight” Seduction LairSAY!), she proceeds to give him the goodies—and the striptease of a lifetime.

Prepare for ample amounts of back arching (#BuyKissesDownLowOniTunes), cat crawling and booty bouncin’. CiCi’s thirstier for the D than the last remaining patrons at Splash on Twink Tuesdays. She wants it real bad.



PS: I think I figured out why your back is aching, and it’s not your bra.

And then, we suddenly find ourselves back at the pool for some more sexy talk between the two lovers. “You know you’re gonna be mine, right? They don’t call me the Future for no reason,” he confidently assures our Lady of Love, Sex & Magic before 1, 2 stepping the fuck out of there. And then, the glorious moment…


“He reads!” It’s either CiCi’s way of taking out her reading glasses and embracing dragspeak (LGBT Warrior), or just an observation after catching him flip through a few pages of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on his iPhone. Still unclear.

I must admit, “Body Party” isn’t quite as memorable as—say, “Work” or “Gimmie Dat” (then again, one does not simply replicate something as iconic as a backbend in lucite Converse stilettos)—but it’s still proof that CiCi is genuinely far too underrated, too entertaining and too turnt up to be ignored.

She is giving you ’90’s house party throwback. She is giving you a Ghost Town DJ sample. She is giving you “That’s The Way Love Goes”/”Go Deep” Janet. She is giving you dialogue. She is giving you body. She is giving you party. She is also asking you to please pre-order Ciara on iTunes right now—so do it.


Mike WiLL Made It, Ciara slayed it, and now your faves are still figuring out how to get their legs behind their head.

Ciara will be released on July 5. (iTunes)

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