Cher Unveils “Woman’s World” Cover Art, Announces Performance on ‘The Voice’ Finale & Remains Eternal

Cher Woman's World

Cher is back. Again. Finally. For real.

After more a few false starts — including the endlessly delayed premiere of her much-hyped collaboration with Lady Gaga, “The Greatest Thing” (UPDATE: don’t hold your breath — Gaga apparently hates it!), an album pushback since late March, and the earlier-than-expected premiere of her comeback track in January (which remains amazing to this day) — the promotion for her new era is finally, actually getting started.

Earlier today, the Living Proof icon took to Twitter (or, well, a handler must have because it was written in English and not Emoji and Cherspeak) to premiere the cover art for her major single, “Woman’s World.” Naturally, it’s totally Cher — a silver streamer wig of sorts, giant hoop earrings, eyelashes for days — it’s #glamoverload. And on a nerdier note, the image also awesomely recalls the work of Richard Bernstein, who used to do the gorgeous covers for Interview Magazine — like this one of Cher from 1980! (Remember: You will not outlive her. You will not outlast her. Cher is forever.)

But that’s not all! Along with the cover, Cher also revealed that she’ll be premiering the song live on June 18 at the season finale of The Voice! It’s completely major news, although the iconic potential of the event is already slightly lessened without her Burlesque co-star/TIME’s Most Influential Artist of Ever Legendtina staring directly into her eyes and waving a fan while seated in her red swivel chair.

It’s major news, nonetheless. Huge. And it’s Cher, so. ‘Nuff said.


A*M*E, “Heartless”

A*M*E, “Heartless”

It’s A*M*E time!

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