Excuse me for a moment as I stan the fuck out.

Kingdom Hearts — the Playstation franchise responsible for propelling Utada Hikaru into mainstream America’s consciousness with her masterpiece of a theme song “Simple & Clean” (Japanese: “光”), as well as her Kingdom Hearts II theme song “Sanctuary” (Japanese: “Passion”) — is getting a third installment.

Now, I don’t actually play video games these days. Like Lana Del Rey, I just passive-aggressively encourage my boyfriends to go play their video games while I twirl ’round slowly and contemplate life’s great truths on those lonesome Friday nights. (LOL J/K. What boyfriends?)

But there was a time long ago that I did, and Kingdom Hearts was my everything. Final Fantasy meets Disney? Like, quite literally the essence of my being. Of course, Utada Hikaru is my everything. And In the brand new teaser trailer that premiered during Sony’s presentation at E3 2013 conference tonight, the two came together yet again.

You can now watch the teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts III below. It’s not much at all yet, but like…Sora. Keyblade. Mickey Mouse. Orchestral version of “Simple & Clean.” I’m just…I’m so done (and, apparently, a soon-to-be owner of a Playstation 4.)

Everything is simple and clean and nothing hurt.