Hey, Annie!

Our favorite Norwegian Queen of Pop has been slowly stirring up anticipation for her upcoming follow-up to 2009’s flaw-free album, Don’t Stop.

Along with the premiere of her moody lead single “Tube Stops and Lonely Hearts”, Annie’s also made a guest vocal appearance on producer Ralph Myerz‘s “Take A Look At The World,” a sleek, storming electro-pop wanderlust anthem co-produced by Röyksopp (!) that sounds like a cross between Girls Aloud and Dannii Minogue. I’ve been utterly obsessed since it first dropped on Norwegian radio in April.

This morning, the accompanying video arrived on the Interwebz — and it’s all Annie! All the time! Sitting in the backseat of a car! (Drawing inspiration from Ciara‘s Instagram, no doubt.) She’s traveling ’round the city, admiring the flashing lights and busy streets. (Also: Please call me next time you’re in town, Annie. Can we make it me plus one?)

The clip’s mostly a bunch of close-ups of the gorgeous Anniemal gently crooning the big tune in the backseat, but it’s (maybe?) one big metaphor: She’s going ’round the world, but not really visiting anywhere. She’s just sitting inside! (Too busy chewing gum, probably.) “I’ve been traveling every corner of my mind, but haven’t left my city more than just one time.” Get it? Just an idea.

According to PopJustice, the song’s out on June 25 stateside (yay!), ahead of Myerz’s upcoming album, SuperSonic Pulse.