Your New Summer Anthem Has Arrived: Megan & Liz, “Release You”


The time has finally come for the takeover of Megan & Liz — or, as it reads on their birth certificates, Slaygan & Legendiz.

For those unfamiliar, the twin sisters gained popularity on the Interwebz after uploading a series of YouTube covers (also known as The Bieber Effect.) But the duo first showed up on my radar (on my ray-duh) last year with an original song: “Bad For Me,” a maddeningly infectious slice of pop that plays like the essential companion to Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe.”

This year, the girls are back in an even bigger way, conveniently timed to become the latest addition to your beach playlist: “Release You,” produced by a certain pop dream team known as Max Martin, Shellback and Savan Kotecha.

And yes, it’s major.

There’s way too much to love about “Release You”:

+ The feisty flip-off verses. (Very Icona Pop “I Love It”)
+ The crunchy, guitar-led power pop production. (Very P!nk)
+ The classic Max Martin cheekiness. (“I would take all your shhh — your what?!“)
+ The almighty hook. (“I Re-le-EE-ee-EE-ease you!“)
+ The slingshot into that euphoric, sparkling beat blast (“Goodbyeeeeee!“), an ever-so-slight-but-don’t-take-this-too-seriously nod to radio’s EDM overload.
+ That sassy bridge. (“Hey baby, I-I never think about you!“)

It’s an endlessly hook-heavy break-up anthem with just the right amount of bounce and bite — a sparkling pop gem in its purest form. (Obviously. It’s Max Martin.)

Some might file this one under “guilty pleasure,” which is fine: I’m more than happy to indulge. I’ve been singing this one into a hairbrush in front of a mirror all weekend long. (All day and all night, if you will.) In fact, I’ve already got the words “Release You” tattooed across my lower back.

Megan & Liz have yet to score themselves a Billboard Hot 100 hit, but “Release You” has all the makings of a radio smash. They deserve it. I mean, look at them posing with honey badgers at the radio premiere last night. Nuff said, really.

So grab a guy or gal, get your heart broken in 20 different ways and blast this shhh (this what?!) all summer long.

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“Release You” will be released on June 4. (iTunes)

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