While Beyoncé spends the year inexplicably touring for no other reason than to promote Beyoncé, writing letters to literally everyone, dodging pregnancy rumors, being bored by fans asking about her new album and refusing to release any of her new songs on iTunes, the other members of Destiny’s Child are busy making things happen in 2013.

Kelly Rowlegend, of course, is arching her back on iTunes, airing out her dirty laundry and talking a good game. And as for Michelle Williams? She’s readying a reality show in Canada, and preparing to release the debut single from her forthcoming ‘urban inspirational’ record, due out on June 24: “If We Had Your Eyes.”

And today, we’ve got the first listen of what’s to come. Bet that was…unexpected.

Produced by Harmony Samuels, “If We Had Your Eyes” sounds like we’re being taken straight to the chapel — and the Reverend Mother Michelle is ready to say hello to heartbreak and deliver what will likely be a sermon capable of stopping any car.

Obviously this one’s meant to be an anthem for staying prayed up, but if you’re worried there wont be any opportunities to break the dawn on Miss Michelle’s upcoming album, keep the faith: As she explained to me at the SESAC Awards, “you will be able to dance.”

Glory be.