Sugababe Amelle Berrabah Gets Lovey-Dovey With Adam J & Nightcrashers in “Love (Is All We Need)” (Video Premiere)


With MKS on a winning streak with their brilliant new comeback single “Flatline” (available September 1 — stay strong!), there’s still the lingering question: What are the rest of the Sugababes up to these days?

Heidi Range, I assume, is still working on her line of high street tea cosies. Jade Ewen is likely still drying off after being the first contestant eliminated on Splash. And as for Amelle Berrabah? Why, she’s kicking off her solo Suga career.

Amelle’s clearly still in a Sweet 7 state of mind, because she’s keeping the dance-pop energy coming with her solo work: The Suga songstress just premiered the video for her Adam J and Nightcrashers collaboration “Love (Is All We Need),” a club-pop anthem that fits snugly within the current EDM-driven climate. Obviously, it’s up to Amelle and her distinctly soulful, smoky vocals to carry the tune up to new heights — and she does it with la-la-la-la-love.

The accompanying video about a girl (reference) and a boy falling in love, but it’s really all about Amelle getting sexy (reference) and looking sweet and amazing (reference) in front of those flashing lights and smoke machines.

And that is what Sugababe Amelle is doing these days. (Calls to MKS were not immediately returned.)

“Love (Is All We Need)” will be released on August 19. (iTunes)

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