My baby’s got a secret…

Another day, another teaser from Madonna‘s collaboration with Steven Klein: #secretproject.

After an image popped up yesterday, which appears to be Rihanna posing as Madonna, the Queen of Pop herself just unveiled the second trailer (following the first, which arrived after the MDNA Tour premiere) from the upcoming art project/humanitarian project/clothing line advertisement…and it’s pretty damn intriguing.

That’s not before she teased the trailer on Instagram this morning, including an unbelievably iconic business card: “Madonna, Queen of Pop: Don’t call me, call my assistant.” The phone number on the card is real, by the way. Give it a call and listen carefully.

(Okay, a spoiler for those who can’t dial internationally: When you call the number, it’s Madonna who picks up. “Hi, you’ve reached #secretproject, and I have a few questions for you,” she says. “What does freedom mean to you? And are you willing to fight for what you believe in?” Gulp!)

The set-up for the second trailer pretty straightforward, as the camera slowly pans past a cast of anonymous, ambiguous characters. Madonna ominously mutters overhead about the meaning of freedom and democracy, along with echoes of her speeches during the breaks of the MDNA Tour against intolerance and hatred. And then — in the final ferocious flash of a second — she appears.

Madonna’s never been too shy to protest injustice. Considering the current social climate, including heated, racially-charged trials in America and the fact that Russia’s on the brink of a 21st century Holocaust, the message seems to echo louder than ever.

But what’s next? Tick tock, tick tock…