What? Could it possibly be? A Swede-pop darling delivering slick, left-of-center electro-pop that sounds both radio-friendly and forward-thinking all at the same time? Go on, then!

Meet Marlene, a newly debuted Swedish electro-pop diva with a truly excellent song: “Bon Voyage.”

“Bon Voyage” is fantastic in a number of ways, particularly because it seems to exist smack dab in the middle of the outgoing EDM trend and the incoming early ’90’s R&B retread on radio without sounding generic: “If you wanna run and hide, we’re the new Bonnie & Clyde / You should team up with me / Let me be your company,” Marlene urges across a slick, snappy electro-R&B sheen on the verses. But then, the track suddenly hits harder in the chorus: “Bon voyage! Bo-bon voyage!” she declares as the meaty synths blast against the speakers, complete with a pretty catchy “ah-ah-ah” post-chorus chant.

It’s a solid blend between summery laze and clubland stormer, but really, Marlene describes her own sound best: “I like heavy beats mixed with the sound of a sunset.” And there it is.

PS: Marlene’s included the instrumental and acapella on her Soundcloud. Remixers: you know what to do.