Annie A&R EP

Today, Annie‘s The A&R EP — the Norwegian Queen of Pop’s collaboration with Richard X — is out on iTunes.

Ever since “Back Together” first premiered (which plays like Pet Shop Boys meets the Sonic The Hedgehog soundtrack), the 5-track collection already seemed destined to become the EP of the summer — and it is.

From the utterly lush shimmers of “Hold On,” to the serious-faced ’90’s vogue-off on “Invisible,” to the blippy, cheeky teen dream anthem, “Ralph Macchio” (which we premiered on Idolator), the EP serves up just the right blend of bouncy ’80’s electro-pop and early ’90’s club pulsations. And earlier today, The Line of Best Fit revealed the final piece of the puzzle, “Mixed Emotions,” which sort of sounds like a vintage Stock Aitken Waterman demo of Marina And The Diamonds‘ “Radioactive.”

Like Annie’s first two records, The A&R EP is truly pop at its finest — blending Annie’s Scandi-pop sensibility with Richard X’s pristine production skills. It’s brilliant.

Listen to the full A&R EP streaming below — and if you like it, buy it. I know I did.

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The A&R EP’ was released on July 29. (iTunes)