Our beloved Bonnie McKee, Songwriting Superstar, is making her grand return to the pop star side of things this summer, beginning with her fantastic new single: “American Girl.”

The song’s been on solid repeat for weeks now ever since the cheeky, celeb-filled viral video first premiered. But that’s not enough: Bonnie’s just released an official visual for the track, along with an iTunes drop date — tomorrow!

The “American Girl” video is so bright, so summery, so Los Angeles, and so thoroughly literal. Watch as Bonnie and her gal pals slip Slurpees in a 7-11 parking lot (REFERENCE), throw a crazy house party, dance around in their pajamas at a silly slumber party, pop over to the mall for some arcade action, get into some hot backseat fun at a car wash and take a “Teenage Dream”-esque afternoon drive under the glorious setting California sun. (Girls, they wanna have fun.)

Basically, the “American Girl” video is exactly what the song’s all about: YOLO-ing, dancing the night away and being young and beautiful.


“American Girl” will be released on July 23. (iTunes)