The last time I mentioned Monarchy on MuuMuse, I was gagging over “Disintegration,” their still impeccable, supremely sexy collaboration with Burlesque Goddess Dita Von Teese, as well as their bouncy reinterpretation of Lana Del Rey‘s “Video Games.”

A little over a year later, the UK duo is back with a brand new sound: “Living Without You,” a deeply emotional electro-noir independence anthem that carries the torch toward their long-awaited, as-of-yet untitled second studio album.

With its pulsing electronic heartbeat and soaring synthesizers, the boys evoke Royksopp at their finest: “I’m living without you now!” Ra Black bittersweetly proclaims above the space-age heartbreaker. “Sometimes you only see the light when you’re surrounded by darkness.” GULP. There’s even an anthemic chant leading the outro (“Ooh-ooh-OOH-oh!“), as the boys travel onward into the night sky and leave it all behind.

I’m obsessed, basically. How were we living without this?

“Living Without You” was released on April 29. (iTunes)