The evolution of Natalia Kills is now complete.

Following the premiere of her anthemic new single “Saturday Night,” the Cherrytree dark-pop diva has just debuted the perfect accompanying visual.

It’s heartbreaking, thought-provoking…and easily one of Natalia’s best videos to date (if not the best.)

Unlike the reckless, rowdy debauchery of “Problem,” Natalia’s latest clip sees the songstress exploring the complicated relationship between herself and her parents, and the not-so-glamorous truth lying underneath. We already know something’s off in the first few seconds, as the clip opens to a woman applying blush over a freshly bruised eye — just like the song’s opening line. (“Mama, you’re beautiful tonight / Movie star hair and that black eye.”)

As the video unfolds, Natalia repeatedly reenters the room with her parents as their relationship begins to spiral, with ample suggestions of physical abuse, shady dealings with money, problems with the law and drugs.

But she charges on and croons her song, putting on a smile through the frustration and tears before an explosive finish — quite literally. And by the end, she finds herself cozied up on the couch with her parents, catching some actual home footage from her past (now loaded with a lot more context.) It all seems like a metaphor for Natalia’s personal life: As much as she escapes the room, she always winds up walking back inside. She never really can escape her past.

This song deserves to be big. The video deserves to be big. Natalia deserves to be big.

“Saturday Night” was released on July 2. (iTunes)