ciara gaga

“I am every icon”Lady Gaga

“I’m out”Ciara

“He reads!”Marina Abramovic

R&B-pop princess, “Goodies” enthusiast and Fantasy Ride diva CiCi just tweeted a Kickstarter link in support of the Marina Abramovic Institute this evening.

Yes, the Marina Abramovic Institute: The same institute that Lady Gaga supported via a short film capturing her sensory-heightening Reverse Warholian Experience of the Ambramovic Method, in which she stripped off her “Applause” clown garb/goose droppings to lay down and make some guttural noises, wear space goggles and do some casual nude bikram yoga in the woods.

But what does it all mean?

Does this then mean a video exists of Ciara back-bending Matrix-style in the middle of the woods while moaning like a jet engine on the fritz? Does Marina Abramovic like to get super turnt up? Is this all Illuminati nonsense or helpful #CiaraPromo? Will “Overdose” finally be a single?

Your body is my party — and also my heightened sensory experience. Get ready for…