BANKS (that’s all capital letters, thank you) is blasting off.

After the premiere of her chilling new SOHN-produced song “Waiting Game” earlier this month, the burgeoning LA-based singer-songstress has just premiered the (appropriately moody) accompanying video.

The Francesco Carrozzini-directed clip is all sorts of noirish intrigue, as BANKS broods in the shadows while a mystery man slowly soldiers and squints his way to her through a blinding spotlight. Is it a symbol of the stage’s divide, as the song somberly suggests? Methinks yes.

“Waiting Game” is the first track off of BANKS’ upcoming LONDON EP, a 4-track collection that will be released on September 10. That’s just after she joins her brother in brooding, The Weeknd, as they bring a chill across North America on tour this fall, beginning September 6.

But will she break out beyond the blogosphere? We’ll have to play the waiting game a bit longer to find out.

The ‘LONDON EP’ will be released on September 10. (iTunes)