The Cover of Dannii Minogue’s ‘This Is It: The Very Best Of” is Perfection

Dannii This Is It

…And yes, that was a REFERENCE.

Dannii Minogue, Queen of the Discotheque, is releasing a brand new greatest hits compilation at the end of August in Australia. Along with almost all her singles, the collection includes her camp-tastic duet with her sister Kylie (a cover of ABBA‘s “The Winner Takes It All,” otherwise known as “Yes, Your Son Is Gay”), as well as her previously unreleased track, “‘Cos You’re Beautiful.” (We knew all this already, but that makes the news no less exciting.)

But what we didn’t already have was the final album art, which was revealed on Dannii’s Tumblr just a few hours ago. It’s a glamorous pinwheel of all things Disco D through the ages! The “Love & Kisses” legend. The “$ucce$$” siren. The “All I Wanna Do” icon. Plus, it’s got one of the best promo shots from Neon Nights right there in the middle — and all those hearts are from the original 1991 Love & Kisses album art. It’s so considered! What more could you possibly need?

Answer: Quite literally nothing.

And now, your monthly reminder that 2003’s Neon Nights remains thoroughly flaw-free.

This Is It: The Very Best Of will be released on August 23. (iTunes)

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