A demo of a song called “Burqa” (or “Burka” or “Aura”) from Lady Gaga‘s ARTPOP leaked last night.

Upon initial listening, I called it “an EDM-leaning ‘Judas’ as sung through a Speak ‘N’ Spell.” It’s got noisy verses, an incredible chorus and nonsense, vaguely controversy-baiting lyrics. However, I realize that this is just a demo (and also that it sounds more like “Americano” in retrospect), so any sort of hair-trigger analysis is unfair considering the demo of “Bad Romance” sounded pretty terrible, and then the real version became one of the best pop songs of the decade.

So, there’s that.

This is “Burqa”/”Burka”/”Aura,” a potentially amazing, potentially terrible song from ARTPOP.

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“Applause” will be released on August 19. (iTunes)