Queen Kylie Minogue is planning to land a big, fat smooch on your cheek very soon.

Her twelfth studio album — which is reportedly due to arrive in March — will officially be called Kiss Me Once.

Everything about this is purely love at first sight (REFERENCE). It looks as though Kelly Rowlegend‘s not the only one who enjoys her kisses down low: After diving into the blue, KM clearly enjoys herself a bit of underwater tongue action — just like her sister! (I’ll need a 12″ of this artwork hanging in my bedroom immediately, of course.)

And the title: Kiss Me Once. Cheeky! It kind of reminds me of Stacie Q for some reason. Actually, Kiss Me Once really reminds me of Annie‘s perfect A&R EP track, “Ralph Macchio.” “Kiss me once and keep me forever…

Oh, and true lovers of music will also note that the cover is an obvious allusion to the Album Of Our Generation, Bionic. (Legendtina, no doubt, will be pleased to see her influence continuing to impact years later.)

In fact, upon seeing the cover, I immediately offered $10,000 for the un-Photoshopped version of this artwork.

Here is the original version:

christina aguilera kiss


Who’s ready to be baptized with a Kylie kiss in the Mighty Rivers?


“Into The Blue” will be released on March 9. (iTunes)