Katy Perry‘s “Roar” is officially out today — even if you probably already heard it this weekend.

Now, the song’s got a fun accompanying lyric video. And unlike most lyric videos, odds are you’ll likely watch this one all the way through.

After a quick ring that leaves her feeling Wide Awake (REFERENCE), Katy and her BFFs WhatsApp (PROMO!) their way through “Roar,” singing along via text and getting rather emoji-nal. In between the texting sessions, Katy gets on about her day — heading to the toilet, fixing some coffee, working on her fitness and going on a drive to work on some sweet Prism beats, all before settling in with a nice bubble bath and playdate with Kitty Purry.

Basically, it’s much more involved than your standard words-across-the-screen clip and just as cute, winking and self-deprecating as the rest of Katy’s career. And whether you think “Roar” is a catchy smash, a shameless Sara Bareilles/Lumineers lift or just plain boring (or maybe all of these things at once), it’s safe to say that the Prism visuals have been nothing short of a win.

“Roar” was released on August 12. (iTunes)