Aubrey O’Day Is Releasing Her Debut Album, ‘Between Two Evils’ — And It’s Out Next Week


Ever since Danity Kane heard our Danity Komplaints, reunited over a sensible lunch of Danity Kold Kuts and returned to the studio for a proper Danity Komeback (sans D. Woods, but whatever), the solo careers of each individual member have suddenly come into question. (That question: “Do, do you got a first aid kit handy?”)

As for Queen Bee Aubrey O’Day (born Aubrey Morgan O’Slay), she’s wasting no time at all: On August 13 (next week!), she’s pushing out her long, long, long awaited solo debut, Between Two Evils. (And yes, that legendary BDSM-inspired artwork above is the cover.)

You can already hear an extended teaser of the entire 9-track collection below, which sounds absolutely major so far — a tight collection of almighty dance floor anthems (“Love Me When You Leave,” “Hurts So Good”), sleek electro-R&B heartache (“Unchoose You”) and massive electro-pop balladry (“Before I Drown”). Expect big, emotional vocals to power through your speakers like a wrecking ball and big beats to put your body on automatic.

Between Two Evils is already available to pre-order on iTunes, and it’s already hovering around #72 on the iTunes Albums Chart. HUGE!

It’s a Brand New O’Day, bitches.

1. Djt
2. Unchoose You
3. Love Me When You Leave
4. Let Me Lay
5. Hurts So Good
6. Before I Drown
7. Second Call
8. Devil & Me
9 Outro

‘Between Two Evils’ will be released on August 13. (iTunes)

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