Jessica Simpson, sister to Ashlee and singer of “A Public Affair,” tweeted something rather unexpected this evening.

Yes, you read that correctly: “I need to make music.”


Jessica Simpson doesn’t simply want to make new music. She needs to. She yearns for melodies. She craves beats. She thirsts for the familiar feel of a giant pair of headphones slipping onto her head as she croons sweet, sweet tunes into a microphone.

Not since 2010’s ill-fated Happy Christmas, which included the Tricky Stewart & The-Dream-produced “Kiss Me Before Christmas,” has Jessica Simpson made any moves in the music industry.

But what does all this (and by “all this,” I mean “this single tweet at 1 in the morning”) even mean? Did Ashlee accidentally log into her sister’s Twitter account? Did Jessica send out a delirious sleep-tweet after dealing with her brand new baby boy Ace all day? Is wishing for more J. Simpson music the sweetest sin — or is it simply irresistible?

Yes, the shoe line is madly successful, as are the perfumes (I myself swear by Fancy by Jessica Simpson) and the weight-loss endorsement deals — but now it’s time to get back in there and give us a follow-up to “With You.” Or “Push Your Tush.”

An eager world awaits.