Do you see that? Those clouds off in the distance? It’s looking that Rihanna reign is getting ready to pour (it up) all over again.

Last week, DJ R3hab revealed that “What Now” would in fact be the latest offering from RiRi’s last studio album Unapologetic, which was released late last year. (Feels like forever though, no? #NeedMoreRih) In fact, the official remixes for “What Now” are already out.

But that’s hardly all the Illuminati Princess is planning for the Navy.

Earlier today on Twitter, the Queen of Hashtags revealed a few tantalizing tidbits about upcoming music.

First of all: “What Now” is getting a video, and it’s coming “supa dupa soon.” In RiRi time, this can mean anywhere between 5 months via VEVO or 24 hours via Zippyshare.

RiRi has recorded a “monster” hook for one of her fave artists. Naturally, some stans are already assuming that “monster” means Lady Gaga. Personally, I’m not entirely convinced RiRi considers Gaga to be one of her faves — but who knows? Maybe she’s recording a sick ARTPOP remix, like “Sex Dreams (Grab Yo Dick Rih-mix)”.

But here are some potential odds for alternative artists:

Chris Brown – 2:1
Drake – 2:1
Jay-Z – 3:1
Katy Perry – 4:1
Madonna – 5:1
Britney Spears – 8:1
Lady Gaga – 12:1
Ariana Grande – 17:1
Beyonce – 19:1
Ciara – 2930331313492:1 (Prayers for “Overdose”)

Finally, RiRi had some great engagement with an international stan, assuming that this Turkish tweet was an angry demand for the still-unreleased video for “Pour It Up.” Mercifully, the video is coming…”in Dayz”! How many days? #Phuck if I know!

But it’ll be worth it — it always is when it comes to Madame Rih. Strip clubs and dollar bills…


Unapologetic was released in November of 2012. (iTunes)