It feels like ages ago, but in fact, it was only just over a year ago when UK songstress Ellie Goulding unveiled her stuttering, shiver-inducing cover of Active Child‘s “Hanging On” for this year’s Halcyon re-release.

And now, Active Child’s gone ahead and returned the favor.

“Silhouette” is a brand new song off of the electronica artist’s upcoming Rapor EP, featuring the inimitable vocals of Miss Goulding. And it’s absoluely stunning.

Gliding atop celestial strings and gorgeous ambient sound, the angelic, epic-sounding production sees the two talented singer-songwriters joining together for some lovestruck falsetto lusciousness. “We can make it if we try / All that I’m saying is that you’ll be alone,” the two solemnly reassure across the epic, slow marching power ballad.

Seriously, chills for days.

The Rapor EP will be released on October 22. (iTunes)