“Sleepwalker”: Bonnie McKee Premieres Bloody Good, Zombie-Infested Video for New Single


Halloween is nearly upon us. And what better way to celebrate the season than with a terrifying, zombie-infested new video by one of pop’s most in-demand songwriters, Miss Bonnie McKee?

After getting our hearts racing with her hot-blooded (re-)debut single “American Girl” earlier this summer, the fiery singer-songwriter returns this month with a spectacularly gruesome new video for her all-around smash of a don’t-call-it-a second single (it’s an in-between single, or an “inbetwingle”), “Sleepwalker.”

“Tequila and lime, I felt nothing / My card was declined, I felt nothing / They made me a star, I felt nothing,” she cries out above slamming, glitchy ’80’s electro-pop beats and a heavy thump co-crafted by U-Tern, Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein (her BF!) and German producer Boys Noize, recalling the best of Ke$ha‘s drunk-pop euphoria and Katy Perry‘s yelping hooks. After all, Bonnie’s the one who helped pen all those radio smashes for both of ’em.

“But you wake me up! she declares on the slamming chorus. “I was just a sleepwalker!” (But wait: “When I watched The Hills, I felt nothing,” Bonnie? Clearly you haven’t heard Heidi Montag‘s Superficial yet.)

While the beat may bang for the clubs, the lyrics are far from typical drunk-pop fodder: It’s surprisingly autobiographical, chronicling her experience as a pop star (the first time around, anyway), as well as her newfound sobriety.

The accompanying video’s a real treat for horror fans thirsting for some zombie action and blood-splattered fun, as Bonnie aids a terrified girl through a house party quickly filling up with flesh-eaters. (I hate it when that happens.) After some closet make-out action (sure, why not), the twosome strike back by soldiering their way through the undead with some hockey sticks. It’s all very slasher flick camp, of course. And just wait until the end — not everything is exactly as it seems.

While the video’s conveniently themed for the season, “Sleepwalker” itself stands as a genuine electro-pop banger(z) that’ll stand on its own well past October 31.

Watch below — this one ought to wake you up.

“American Girl” was released on July 23. (iTunes)

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