X Factor alum and powerhouse vocalist Rebecca Ferguson has returned — and not a second too soon.

The songstress has been busy over the past two years: After releasing her debut album Heaven in the UK (which spawned the Top 10 hit “Nothing’s Real but Love”), Rebecca traveled stateside to showcase her material and release the album in America. It didn’t do too bad either, sailing in at #23 on the Billboard 200.

Now, the soulful songstress is preparing to release a whole new album of material called Freedom out on December 2. The album was co-crafted alongside Jarrad Rogers (who also produced fellow X Factor finalist Aiden Grimshaw‘s debut album Misty Eye), as well as Mr. Hudson, Matt Hales, Toby Gad, TMS and Eg White. All of that is very exciting, but can we just have a moment for the newly unveiled album artwork?


Seriously stunning. Like, wow.

“I Hope” is the first single off of Rebecca’s upcoming album (out November 24), and it’s a major tune — and the perfect kiss-off anthem dedicated to the jerk who dropped you like a bad habit: “I hope life treats you good, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope,” she bitterly encourages above punchy drums and a somber piano melody. “After time, I realized that for me to grow I’ve got to let go,” she surrenders.

It’s a solid slice of adult contemporary pop that manages to sound completely Top 40-friendly at the same time, similar to Celine Dion‘s latest single and Adele‘s angry, rollicking 21 stompers, like “Rumour Has It” and “Rolling In The Deep.” And those vocals? Stop. Too good.

This song deserves to be huge. Welcome back, Rebecca.

‘Freedom’ will be released on December 2. (iTunes)