Ciara, Queen of Sexy R&B, is no stranger to acoustic performances — but this time, no bathrooms were involved.

While the world patiently awaits the release of her upcoming single “Overdose” (THANK GOD), the Fantasy Ride phenom stopped by The Recording Academy headquarters, giver of GRAMMYs, in Santa Monica to take part in an interview and perform not one, not two, but three Ciara tracks: “DUI,” “Read My Lips” and, of course, “Overdose.”

As it turns out, the front seat freakin’ anthem “DUI” translates beautifully as a slow, slinky jam live, as does her ode to heading downtown, “Read My Lips.” The “Overdose” performance is nothing less than solid (obviously) — she even includes a bit of Bill Withers‘ classic jam, “Lovely Day.” Gorgeous!

The performances are all really quite lovely — and a breath of fresh air. CiCi sounds absolutely amazing! It’s just as good as the actual record, if not better. And while no one else can execute a back bend with such flawless precision, it’s nice to see CiCi sitting down and simply getting back to her Basic Instinct.

“Overdose” will be released on October 14. (iTunes)