A Brief Message From Legendtina About “Pretty Girls”


Hello, fans.

Forgive me. I’ve not had a single moment until now to sit down and finally SAY SOMETHING I’M GIVING UP ON YOU, what with the unprecedented success of my cameo as country icon Jade St. John on Nashville, the ongoing season of The Voice and my forthcoming return to music, which is shaping up to be the most advanced, genre-defying record in my discography to date.

But tonight, I just wanted to FEEL THIS MOMENT WHOA-OH-OH-OHH and share the spotlight with a dear friend and former co-worker Britney Spears, as well as that Igloo newcomer. I’m not quite sure who this person is, to be honest.

Truth be told, I was unaware that Britney was still trying to make music. I thought she had retired and moved to Las Vegas to shoot underwear commercials or something. But earlier today, an assistant of mine informed me that the ladies are in fact releasing a tribute to my ahead-of-its-time Bionic anthem, “My Girls.” It’s called “Pretty Girls,” and yes…I will allow for that lack of originality in the title.

As a true lover of pretty girls myself, I have constantly looked to the female form for inspiration in so many of my classic works, from “What A Girl Wants” to “Una Mujer” to “Lotus Intro,” as well as so many of my award-winning fragrances including Woman, a feminine scent for women by women who appreciate women.

And so, I just wanted to SAY!: You’re very welcome for the inspiration, ladies.

Fans, please support these two women tonight when their single drops on Zippyshare. They really do need the work.

And once you’ve done that, buy “Shotgun” and “The Real Thing” on iTunes. And Bionic. Just kidding. I know you have already. HA!

But seriously, buy it again. I’m not kidding this time.



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