“Not Giving Up”: The Best New Song on The Saturdays’ New Album, ‘Living For The Weekend’


The Saturdays, singers of the ever-amazing “Disco Love” and oft-pregnant starlets of Chasing The Saturdays, have a new album out this month worldwide. It’s called Living For The Weekend.

There are good songs (“Wildfire”), great songs (“Don’t Let Me Dance Alone”) and one absolutely incredible song, called “Not Giving Up.”

“Not Giving Up” is amazing for a variety of reasons: For one thing, it’s about not giving up on love. Persistence is inspiring! But then, the actual song’s fantastic too. Actually, it’s stupid good.

The uptempo club-pop stormer is utterly relentless and very much ‘The Saturdays,’ powering through the speakers much in the same way as “All Fired Up,” the best single on their last album On Your Radar, as well as “White Lies” and “Get Ready, Get Set,” the best non-singles on their last album.

The pre-chorus build is a major earworm of a melody (“I feel like something’s starting, starting…“), the chorus was clearly divined by dance-pop angels from above (“Hit me so hard, out of nowhere!“) and the post-chorus is a quick talking, tongue-tying moment of serious pop pleasure (“If you tell me no, I’m not giving up, no“). It’s made for some serious shufflin’ the club.

But while the whole song’s 3:04 of pure euphoric perfection, the bridge is probably the best moment: “Got me on overload / I’ll be your rock of gold / Can we get overdosed on love?” That’s Frankie, right? Genius. (Also, thanks for the CiCi “Overdose” promo, Sats!) And then, there’s that brand of anthemic club yelping (“Ooh-ooh-ooh!“) that Ke$ha and Britney have perfected with cuts like “Till The World Ends” (and, most recently, “Timber”).

And there you have it: “Not Giving Up,” The very best new song on Living For The Weekend.

Living For The Weekend will be released on October 22 in the US. (iTunes)

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