Nope, not the Charlie Brown you’re thinking of. Got it?

Charlie Brown is a UK singer-songwriter, armed with a smooth, sexy voice that sounds like a cross between Mike Posner and Ed Drewett and a talent for penning supremely soulful R&B-pop hooks.

After dropping his debut solo single “Dependency” in 2012 Yungen & Ms D, the singer-songwriter got his first taste of the UK Top 10 with his second single “On My Own” in March. Since then, he’s collaborated with X Factor album Misha B on “Floodgates” — and now, there’s his latest single released this week: “Bones.”

“Bones” plays like the massive UK #1 electro-ballad The Wanted have yet to record. But is it a ballad? It’s sort of a hybrid, really: Kicking off with a gorgeous, atmospheric verse, the song is nearly a cappella at first: “When you’re risking your life, it’s the edge of the knife that cuts the most / But it ain’t the bleeding that finally kills you, it’s the hope,” he sadly coos. The song slowly starts to fills out with a dull electronic throb and light flourishes of piano. “I’m starting to feel like, starting to feel like you could heal these broken bones,” Brown cries. The pace quickens and then, boom — we’re diving headfirst into full on, four-on-the-floor dance pulsations and a massive post-chorus chant.

Between the earworm melodies (“I’m starting to feel like, starting to feel like“) and big beat blasts, there’s no reason why this couldn’t be massive on radio — it certainly should be.

“Bones” was released on October 13. (iTunes)