Last night, Ringleader, Femme Fatale and Former Alien Britney Spears graced the American Music Awards with her non-presence and Britney Jean remained un-leaked for yet another day. But something quite Spearitual did arrive on the scene — in the shape of baby sister Jamie Lynn Spears‘ debut country single, “How Could I Want More.”

It’s been months — nay, years — since “Chillin’ With You” singer-songstress Jamie Lynn first expressed interest in recording a country album. And now, the fruits of her labor have finally reached our deeply unworthy ears.

Now, here’s a bit of truth (sweet) tea: Country music ain’t exactly my favorite (I really can’t), so I’m less familiar with the more nerdy musical nuances of the genre — apart from the fact that Taylor Swift wins all of the awards, all the time, always. But this song sounds great! (Obviously — it’s Spearitually #blessed.) “He’s got the kind of heart that any girl would die for / So how could I want more?” Baby Spears lovingly croons above a twangy guitar strum. The lyrics are rill sweet and meaningful, Jamie’s voice sounds rill good — is she coming for that Country Queen crown? The answer is a resounding “watch your wigs, y’all.”

Upon the release of “How Could I Want More,” Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood have both reportedly announced their early retirement and retreated to storm shelters in their hometowns.

The Britney Army’s proud of you, bb girl!

“How Could I Want More” was released on November 25. (iTunes)