Kylie Minogue Studio 2054 Dua Lipa

Kylie Minogue & Dua Lipa Join Forces for “Real Groove” Studio 2054 Remix

The Gay Agenda™ at work.

I love Kylie. I love Dua Lipa. I love the Gay Agenda™ at work.

On this Thursday (December 31), in the final hours of this otherwise most wretched year, our Mighty Aphrodite and Disco darling herself has chosen to bless(ed Madonna) us with a grand finale moment before the clock strikes midnight: a remix of her latest single “Real Groove,” featuring bits from her appearance on Dua’s sensational Studio 2054 virtual spectacular last month.

“DUA💖DUA💖DUA! … La Lipa joins me for a SUUUUPER SPECIAL #Studio2054 remix of #REALGROOVE 🚀💖🚀 @DUALIPA 4 EVA,” Kylie announced upon the remix’s release. (“La Lipa” is now canon and will be implemented in daily conversation moving forward, by the way.)

Of course, yes: I would have loved a proper remix with all new vocals, and a more pronounced appearance from La Lipa in general – as in getting her own verse, rather than just providing chorus background vocals plucked from the special.

But the remix itself is still very fun, and makes perfect sense with my Disco (Extended) fantasy in all of its disco string breakdown 4+ minute glory. The fact that two of my very favorite Top 10 Albums of 2020 got together for a little bonus spin ’round on the dance floor is Great Conjunction bliss. And just hearing the two say each other’s names on record – “Dua’s got that real groove!” “Ky-lee” – is skin-clearing, soul-reviving nourishment alone.

The original song is still a great single choice for La Minogue as well. Plus, let’s get real (groove) about the exposure in an age of streaming here: a Dua co-sign is #KyliePromo for the kids. We love to see it.

And just for the record, you’ve done the queer calculations correctly: in the same year, Dua Lipa collaborated with both Madonna and Kylie, among dozens of features. Absolutely massive Main Pop Girl™ energy.

One day in the far-off Future (Nostalgia), we’ll look back and think to ourselves: that was fighting for gay rights. Happy New Year, everybody.

Disco is out now on vinyl. Future Nostalgia is also out now on vinyl.

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