You waited, and now it’s time to see: The Britney Jean tracklist has arrived.

Every song on the deluxe edition of Britney Spears‘ upcoming eighth studio album, also known as Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual And A Little More Personal (Raw), has just been revealed on iTunes. The album will include collaborations with (ugh), T.I. (oh!) and none other than Spearitual sister herself, Miss Jamie Lynn Spears.


1 Alien 3:56
2 Work Bitch 4:07
3 Perfume 3:59
4 It Should Be Easy (feat. 3:26
5 Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I.) 2:57
6 Body Ache 3:25
7 Til It’s Gone 3:42
8 Passenger 3:40
9 Chillin’ With You (feat. Jamie Lynn) 3:38
10 Don’t Cry 3:14
11 Brightest Morning Star 2:59
12 Hold On Tight 3:27
13 Now That I Found You 4:16
14 Perfume (The Dreaming Mix) 4:02

Some initial thoughts:

will.i.cant needs to will.i.not, but I suppose “It Should Be Easy” was unavoidable.


T.I. is a better choice than the rumored Wiz Khalifa (in my VERY ADVANCED KNOWLEDGE of rappers). I mean — his duet with Legendtina, “Castle Walls,” is incredible! And what could possibly be more personal than a song called “Tik Tik Boom”?


“Hold On Tight”? “Don’t Cry”? I’m sorry, I’m already Emotionalney. STRONG BRITNEY. STRONG BRITNEY.


Please, let “Now That I Found You” pick up right where “When I Found You” left off. I believe we all have one true love…

Britney Spears GIF

But without a doubt, the most important track of the bunch is the already iconic “Chillin’ With You” with Jamie Lynn, Undisputed (Soon-To-Be) Queen of Country. What kind of sisterly slayage? Can we expect a sequel to the Godney-penned Zoey theme song, “Follow Me”?

Are you ready for what’s next?


UPDATE: “Tik Tik Boom” also happens to be the name of a GRL demo, so…

‘Britney Jean’ will be released on December 3. (iTunes)