Today might be (Bey) all about Beyoncé‘s almighty reign, but don’t get it twisted: I haven’t forgotten about my Original Doll.

Earlier today, the Legendary Miss Britney Spears dropped the trailer for her upcoming 2-hour E! documentary, I Am The Femme Fatale I Am Britney Jean — and from this first tease, she’s giving us all sorts of Rehearsalney while preparing for Live In Las Vegasney: The Bitch Is Back.

Look at those moves! Working those hips, some “Work Bitch” lunges, some Twister on the floor — even some flinging around in the air. (Note: Everytime she tries to fly, she falls without her dancers. I guess she needs them, bebe.) Passion! Movement! Fire in the eyes! Energy of a lioness! And there even appears to be some DRAMA: Has Brit Brit finally hair-flipped too hard? (NEVAH!)

And she’s Nervousney, too: “What if I blank out and just stand there?!” The Holy Spearit exclaims.


Just improv, bb!

I’ll be in Vegas in less than 3 weeks to see the show. I’m so excited, I’m in too deep (REFERENCE). Watch above!