It’s been a minute (well, over 525,949 minutes to be exact) since we last heard from Nicole and Natalie Albino — otherwise known as Nina Sky.

After shaking up their style significantly with 2010’s edgy, eclectic offering The Other Side EP, the duo returned with Nicole and Natalie, the independent follow-up to their 2004 self-titled debut LP, last year. And now, they’re back for more — and it’s getting a lil’ bit dirrty. (SAY!)

The seductive new track’s called “Overdose,” crafted alongside producer Slimmy Neutron (who also worked on several songs on Nicole and Natalie, including throbber “Heartbeat”). The #SomethingMoreUrban track takes the girls into murky, trap-ready electro-R&B territory — and it’s seriously hot fiya. (Let’s be real, though: If it’s electro-R&B, there’s a 99.7% chance I’m already onboard.)

“You can be the boss, I like it when you talk that talk to me,” they tempt off the top of the track, teasing their way around hi-hats, finger snaps and drowsy beats, bringing Cassie‘s #RockAByeBaby mixtape and Rihanna‘s Unapologetic to mind. In other words…YASSSS, NINA SKY!

This one’s a serious bedroom banga. And best of all, it’s free. You ready to clock in?