Britney Claps, Tackles Stairs And Wins People’s Choice Award, Remains Iconic While Doing So


Latin American stans, your tireless tweeting efforts were not in vain. #PeoplesChoice #BritneyPeoplesChoice #BritneyComeToBrazil

Sensual seductress, part time Vegas showgirl and full time #WORKBXXCH Britney Jean Spears came to the People’s Choice Awards tonight for ten minutes, danced to “Baby Got Back,” and took home her first ever (excuse me, what?) People’s Choice Award for Best Pop Artist.

Yes, it all went down tonight…in that exact order.

With no time to spare for lesser-basics on the red carpet, B-Girl hopped out of her hot Bugatti whip (just assuming) midway through the show to take to her seat, which was previously occupied by country singer/seat-filler, Brad Paisley.

The Femme Fatale looked gorgeous — so fire hot, a 20 out of 10 (REFERENCE) in fact. “Okay, I’m done,” the Polar Vortex reportedly announced upon seeing Spears at the event.

While there, Brit Brit enjoyed the antics of the show’s hosts Kat Dennings & Beth Behrs, as Beth supplied a rousing rendition of Sir Mix-a-lot‘s “Baby Got Back.”

Godney was pleased with the lively fare, providing Spearitual air claps of approval toward the lessers on stage.

And then, it came time for the award for Best Pop Artist. The competition was tight, including former BF Justin Timberlake (AWKSIES!), fan Kathy Perry, Bruno Mars and former X Factor bestie Demi Lovato. But guess who won?

Duh. Miss Britney Spears!

But before she could accept her award, a challenge loomed ahead: The stairs. Not since The Zone would Britney be forced to take on such a worthy competitor — but she accepted the task wholeheartedly.


You better walk, bitch!

She did it, of course. Once on stage, Brit Brit blessed the People of Choice with a brief speech in between smacks of her gum (presumably watermelon) for first-ever (HOW) award, thanking her family, her management and her fans and being the lovely and humble Living Legend she is.


And then, she left. Why? Because she can. Congratulations, Britney! We love you!

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