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Pop Muse has posted some glamtastic remixes of Michelle William‘s phenomenal “We Break The Dawn.” Go get your download on and set the dancefloor aflame this summer with this most deserving of songs.

ElectroQueer has posted a nice little interview with the electro-sensation from another nation, Róisín Murphy, and finally sheds some well needed light on her obsession with silly hats.

Imogen Heap has been spending her days inside of a fireplace cutting up her old CD’s. Check out the last ten seconds for visual evidence of what happens when a musical genius is locked up inside her home studio for months on end.

Ayumi Hamasaki‘s voice is squeaky, and she can’t get it to unsqueakify. She’s now half deaf and voiceless. As a result, she’s more determined than ever to get right back up and perform. Silly bitch.

Kylie is releasing “In My Arms” in the U.K. along with a couple different versions–though search as you will, there are no bonus songs aside from a dozen of remixes including a…”Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” remix? Must be the one she’s reworked for America lately.

And of course, most importantly, my darling B has been hitting the gym at least once (yesterday, twice!) a day. As an added bonus to fans, she’s washed her hair. No lie, I danced in glee.

Ashlee performed on Ellen, who cut the shit and demanded to know if there’s a bun in the oven. The question was followed by awkward giggles, indirect answers, and a buttload of extra album promotion. Watch her rather better-than-okay performance of “Little Miss Obsessive” here. I don’t know who’s she reaching to, but she’s going to fall on her face if she doesn’t stop that.

Label Whore

Label Whore

Like most people, when I think of haute couture, I think luscious lady lumps

Open Aloud

Open Aloud

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Girls Aloud is the best

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