Fun fact: Dawn Richard drops a new song approximately once per hour.

Am I complaining? Absolutely not. There will always be time for more from Miss Dawn.

While the GoldenHeart diva prepares for the long awaited, much anticipated return of Danity Kane (did you see that reunion show?), a new solo track surfaced “from the vaults,” called “Levitate.”

It is, without a doubt, hot fiya.

“You gon’ be so gon’ when I put this shit on ya,” Dawn cockily brags above the song’s nasty marching drums and scorching synths. Bombs away! It’s basically designed for ferocious hair flips and ample hip twerks. The best part is the bridge about two minutes in, which unexpectedly weaves a lil’ bit of tropical influence into the track, providing some RiRi-like island gal attitude (“Come down, we ain’t coming down”) before bouncing right back into the song’s urgent militant beat.

Dawn’s got the goods to get you lifted. Ready to levitate?