Mariah Carey Wants To Sing To You Alone In Her House On Valentine’s Day For Charity


National treasure, legendary diva and artful letter-goer Mariah Carey is in a giving state of mind. (BUT ISN’T SHE ALWAYS?)

This Valentine’s Day, in exchange for a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the iconic “H.A.T.E.U.” goddess is gifting one very, very lucky Lamb and their special someone with the opportunity to be flown from anywhere (!) to her home in New York City (!!) for a private showcase. (!!!)

That’s right: Just you, Mimi…and the music.

From Prizeo:

Hi dahhlings!

It’s Mariah here! I’m very excited to be here on Prizeo, doing something that I’ve never done before.

You all know that this is my favorite time of the year, and so I’ve decided to give back and raise some funds for the incredible St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a cause very close to my heart as a mom.

In exchange for a small donation, you will be entered to win a trip to New York City (I’ll fly you from WHEREVER you are in the world) to visit me in my home, where I will give you and a loved one your very own private concert… on Valentine’s Day!

In addition to the raffle for the mega prize, Mimi is also gifting a series of donation packages — from the $25 “Lamb” package (complete with a thank you e-card!) to the $1,500 “Fantasy” package, which includes a personalized video from Miss Mariah herself.

I–what?! Can you even process that?

Imagine: Sitting in Mariah Carey’s lavish (likely all white) living room, surrounded by oversized cushions and feathers as she belts her way through at least 3 to 7 hours of her back catalog next to a baby grand piano, including remixes and deep cuts. What do you even do with yourself? Surely you can’t ever check your phone. Or cough. Or move at all, really.

And what happens in between songs? Do you politely golf clap, or maybe throw shade at Nicki Minaj or Jennifer Lopez, or just start shouting out requests? “DO ‘UNDERNEATH THE STARS’!”

Also, will Nick Cannon be in attendance? Will there be a tasteful pool photoshoot? Do you think she’ll forget you’re a contest winner and make you change dem babies’ diapers at one point?

I’m obsessed (REFERENCE) with this idea. Go on and clear out your savings account for the Lamb in your life, ’cause this is surely the most amazingly insane gift you could give on Valentine’s Day.

It’ll probably go something like this…

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