Hey! So, remember when Norwegian Queen of Pop and LGBT Warrior Annie teased an anti-Putin, pro-LGBT anthem crafted with Richard X and Bjarne Melgaard earlier this week?

Well, it’s here now.

As it turns out, the one-minute snippet of “Russian Kiss” that we got earlier in the week is pretty much the bulk of the production, looped around a few times and slowed down in between verses to provide for some brief heavy petting sessions. Throw in a moaning bridge consisting of a vintage gay porn orgasm (at least, that’s what it sounds like!), and you’ve got one fierce, fists aloft political statement-turned-disco anthem.

The concept for the video is pretty straightforward: Hipster hotties making out together in protest, looking something like Girls meets an American Apparel commercial, while Annie bops along against warm pastel colors to her bouncy beats. Chic.

Proceeds from “Russian Kiss” will go to social movement organization, AllOut.Org. Some info about the group:

From petitioning a world leader to organizing a flash mob, All Out members respond to urgent crises and seize new opportunities to challenge the laws in 77 countries where it is a crime to be gay, lesbian, bi or trans. We are also expanding relationship recognition worldwide, combating homophobia in the media, challenging corporations to speak out in support of equality and working to end violence and discrimination. All Out also produces creative content about lesbian, gay, bi and trans people that our members amplify online to start provocative conversations that can change hearts and minds.

You ready? #PhuckYoOlympics!


“Russian Kiss” was released worldwide on February 7. (iTunes)