Oops!…I did it again.

After premiering Episode One of MuuTube two weeks ago, I have since become YouTube famous. The spotlight has been tough to endure, but I’ve been doing what I can to go about my day. You know, like it used to be.

The general feedback that I got after the first MuuTube was that (A) I needed to find new background music and (B) I should do something about Britney, bitch (SHOCKING) – so I went ahead and talked a bit about a hot topic as of late: Single #3 off of Britney Jean.

Watch above to see me ramble on about the various pros and cons of each likely contender for Single #3 from Brit Brit’s most personal album to date — as well as a brief tangent about Miss Keri Baby. I don’t know.

Just watch it and subscribe, I guess.