Betty Who Returns With “Heartbreak Dream”


My darling Betty Who has returned.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been nearly a year since Betty Who first stole our hearts away with her impeccable (and free) debut EP, The Movement.

In that short time, she’s already amassed a loyal and mighty army (The Who Crew), signed to RCA, embodied the meaning of Bionic‘s “Glam” for Elle, Cosmopolitan and OUT and headed out on her first ever national tour, which is happening right now. (Basically, I’m a proud Jewish mother.)

Now, Miss Who is kicking off the year with her brand new single: “Heartbreak Dream,” the first song off of her highly anticipated follow-up EP due out in April, Slow Dancing.

“Heartbreak Dream,” which was produced by Peter Thomas, the same talented up-and-coming producer who co-crafted Betty’s debut EP (as well as their fantastic single, “All Of You”), is a continuation of the hazy Robyn-meets-Empire Of The Sun electronica sound of The Movement.

With its kicky drum pulse, “Heartbreak” is a bit crunchier around the edges than Betty’s first offering — a song that goes down brilliantly live, for the record. The core of the song, though, is purely the stuff of lush pop heaven, especially that heaven-sent chorus. (Those sweeping “Ooh-ohh-ohh-OHH-ohh!” hooks in the background are the very best part.)

“In a moment, you were everything to me/In this moment, we’re living in a heartbreak dream,” Betty cries out on the frustrated anthem dedicated to a relationship gone stale. “Teenage Dream”? Eat your heart out, Katy Perry.

It’s holding hands. It’s slow dancing to anything playing. It’s the sound of an artist who’s about to seriously blow up in 2014.

“Heartbreak Dream” was released on February 18. (iTunes)

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