The Saturdays Release “Not Giving Up” Video, Restore Faith in UK Girl Group Pop

The Saturdays aren’t giving up just yet — and thank God for that.

There was definitely a minute there when things were looking a bit grim: After all, approximately more than half of the members were pregnant at one point (The Preggerdays, if you will), with nothing but radio silence regarding the fate of their latest studio album, Living For The Weekend.

And that’s just #TheSatsDrama: Considering the rocky status of MKS/Sugababes, the stateside departure of Little Mix (sorry, we got ’em right now) and the termination of the Almighty Aloud (NOT GETTING INTO IT), there’s been a real void in UK girl group greatness in general. (That being said, Neon Jungle remains exciting.)

But if you tell them “no” they’re not giving up, which is why The Saturdays have gone ahead and released a video for the best new song from their album. (MY EFFORTS WERE NOT IN VAIN, AFTER ALL.)

The accompanying clip is simple yet chic: It’s really just the girls playing around with some light rods — occasionally even doing some choreography all in the line together. Who cares, really? You’re only going to see glimpses of it while you’re popping bottles and dancing at the clurb, anyway.

Basically, it’s the Cheryl video intro of Girls Aloud‘s Tangled Up Tour (I’m talkin’ bout a whole lotta history) meets the promo art for Cheryl’s A Million Lights. It’s a thoroughly Chezza affair.

God, this song is still so incredible. Make sure you show these ladies some love!

“Not Giving Up” will be released on April 6. (iTunes UK)

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